Text 24 Nov 1 note Toxicity as Important Baseline Cause of Degenerative Diseases

"I think that everybody is exposed to more and more toxins as time goes by.  Without getting into gruesome details, there are millions of pounds/tons of toxins from everything, from fertilizers to chemical processing to waste materials; toxins from volcanoes and one thing and the other… so we constantly are exposed to them.  We get them through the skin. We certainly get them through breathing. We get them through the liquids we drink and the food we eat.  In addition, because we don’t necessarily eat the best food all the time, we actually create more toxins from the foods we eat and how they interact with the bacteria in our body, particularly in our intestinal tract. 

I think the reason mainstream medicine doesn’t really embrace this is that mainstream medicine, particularly in the USA and in Europe is very much geared toward symptom management. Until people have very clear cut symptoms, they frequently aren’t really taken very seriously.  Doctors generally don’t have the time nor the expertise to really deal with a lot of the constitutional symptoms people have, that are becoming toxic, like fatigue, muscle aches and pains, difficulty sleeping, difficulty with elimination, mood disorders of one sort or the other… 

I would say that a good analogy is that of termites in a house.  You periodically have your house inspected and they might find a couple. It doesn’t mean anything bad is going to happen to your house, but it’s a warning that you need to do something about it.  If you don’t, little by little, you get a critical mass of toxicity, and then you have serious problems.  

From my experience, I don’t think that cardiovascular disease, neurological, degenerative disease, cancer, or almost any significant illness doesn’t have at least a significant part of its baseline cause is due to cumulative toxicity. “

-Dr Leonard Smith, Body Ecology’s Detoxification Training Program


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